Industrial pumps

Sludge pumps

HP sludge pumps

The drilling fluid pump with hydraulic drive!

  • Armored version
  • Highly wear-resistant
  • grease lubricated
  • No sealing water

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Pump the hose

  • Perfect volumetric flow rate of 99.5% from 0.5 l / hr to 150m3 / hr
  • Fully self-priming up to a head of 9.8m
  • Dry running without damage
  • Promotion in both directions
  • Sealless, low noise level 70dB at 1m
  • High delivery pressure up to 15 bar
  • Very easy maintenance: the hose is the only wear part
  • Great resistance to abrasive, corrosive, viscous products
  • Stainless steel nuts & bolts
  • Flanged gear directly to the pump with gasket to prevent any contamination or risk of contamination in the gearbox by the pumping fluid

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Magnetic centrifugal pumps

the sealless magnetically coupled centrifugal pump

  • No shaft seal
  • Mechanical separation of motor and pump
  • Absolutely tight and maintenance free
  • Space-saving compact design
  • Easy construction
  • No leakage

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Diaphragm pumps

Pneumatic pumps with flexible membranes

The ALBIN PUMP is designed for large capacities and a long service life.

Compared to conventional pumps, it has 70% less pulsation, 30-50% lower air consumption, lower noise levels, and 3-5 times longer service life between service intervals.

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