Hose pumps

0.5 l / h – 150m3 / h – up to 15 bar depending on the type

Albin Pump peristaltic pumps or volumetric flow peristaltic pumps are state-of-the-art pumps with innovative technology:


Two sliding shoes mounted at 180 ° on a rotating wheel press successively on a reinforced rubber hose, which contains the pumped medium. When the rotating shoes squeeze the hose, there is suction on the suction side of the pump which pushes the fluid toward the pump outlet.

The pump housing contains a lubricant that reduces friction and ensures maximum pump performance with minimal maintenance.

Since the fluid only comes into contact with the inside of the rubber hose, various liquids can be conveyed.

Download Hose pump ALH: Prospekt 

Fields of application of peristaltic pumps

WATER TREATMENT: lime cream, ferrous chloride, activated carbon, reagent feed, coagulant, floculate dispersion, alum, sludge and foams.
MINERAL PROCESSING: sludge with viscosity up to 60000 Cps, clay up to 800g/l, particle size: 30mm, lead sulfate, pyrite, SABX, cyanide, various acids.
CERAMIC: barbotine, mould filling, filter press feeding. Building fibrous mortar, plaster, light concrete, cement flooring.
CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: various acids, PVDF latex, alcohol, soap, non aromatic solvents.
FOOD INDUSTRY: tomato sauce, mash potatoes, gelatin, beer yeast, fish paste,olive oil, wine. Paint, water bassed paint, acrylics, pigments, ink, wall coating.
PAPER MILLS: latex, kaolin, paper waste sludge, various chemical dosing.
AGRICULTURE: manure, fertilizer Sugar mills, molasse, liquid sugar and various chemicals.

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